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Extended Auto Services

We Offer a number of Extended services to every customer that covers your brand. The coverages are Pre-paid Maintenance and mechanical brake down warranty. Check out the list below to view our options.  

Pre-Paid Maintenance

             It is very important for vehicles to have regular schedules maintenance preformed. It is also important for a consumer to save money. Consumers are not aware that every time you preform oil services. It is wise to rotate your tires and make sure the rest of your vehicle has a full inspection. This assures your vehicle is running at its best.

Glad You've Asked!!!

                   There is a way you can save money and have your vehicle running at it's best. We are able to provide you with Pre-Paid Maintenance at discounted rates. With this service contract you will get Lube, Oil, Filter, Tire Rotation and Multi-Point inspections completed. Pricings are available with just one simple click. 

Car Oil
Mechanic's Garage

Extended Service Contracts 

               Todays market is full of repairs. Consumers mostly purchase used vehicles and or keep new vehicles long term. The one most important aspect of these ownerships that your warranty doesn't last as long as you would expect your vehicle to run. Brake downs are expensive. Here is what we would suggest. 

Protect your Pockets and asset.

Glad You've Asked has options available for you.

  • Full Comprehensive 

  • Part Comprehensive

  • Powertrain 

  • Engine.

These Options are available on all Vehicle Brands and Models. 

Financing available at 0% APR

No Credit Check 

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